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Better Occupation and Pay

A yellow belt certification will make you more valuable in an already competitive market. Employees seek talent with diverse skillsets and professionals who can manage more tasks and lead.

Become Valuable in All Industries

Lean Six Sigma being an industry-agnostic methodology are applied in a host of industries. Being certified in Six Sigma allows you to be an agent of change in your organization and lead quality improvement using different methods thus making you highly valuable and sought for by employers.

Analyzing Graphs

Improve Business Processes

You will be able to conduct business processes analyses and help managers find root causes of problems and assist in taking steps to improve them.

Past Clients

"If you can't describe what you are doing as a process, you don't know what you're doing."

W. Edwards Deming

Our Methodology

Azexcel has a unique approach to training. We use a three-step methodology to ensure our training embeds knowledge into the learner. This ensures retention and use of the knowledge long after the training is finished.

We learn best through our experiences. Our unique system of designing and executing courses focuses on providing the learner with immediate experience. 

This methodology consists of three steps:

Adult Education Course


The first step in any training is to introduce the topic to the learner. Course material is designed to make it easy for learners of any level to get comfortable with the subjects. By utilizing a mixture of Visual aids, explanations, examples, drawings and simulation simulations we immerse the learner into the subject.


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