Our Clients 

Rapid Solutions is an innovative engineering business focused towards delivering outstanding solutions within the Oil & Gas, Industrial, Commercial, Marine and Telecoms Sectors.
Hydroserv Group is a well-known and established market leader in ‘Fluid Engineering’ design, applications and solutions for the Oil and Gas industry 
"Azexcel, facilitated the upgrade of our current operational performance, enabling us to increase our market share and reputation."
Khazar M, based in Azerbaijan, is a well established gas production and supply company. 
"Azexcel developed a robust management systeam guided us in developing competitive strategic bids for large RFPs which helped us win projects that we were unable to qualify for earlier."
Caspian Oil Services Management Incorporation Kazakhstan LLP is a high-tech company and established oilfield services provider based in Kazakhstan. They operate as a Contractor to provide services in oil and gas industry.

Our Experience 

Members of our team have been involved in projects and operations with various companies and industries

Powerbolt is the regional distributor of SPX , TorsionX range of bolting and hydraulic equipment.
"Azexcel provided us with the market knowledge and bid strategy to effectively win large contracts with customers who we did not word with earlier"