Form - Fit - Function (FFF) 

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​Form-Fit-Function is a common terminology in manufacturing which can be used to identify an engineered component and its vital requirements. This training introduces the concepts of Form Fit Function and enables the delegate to apply these to various application including - design, reverse engineering and maintenance of complex engineered systems.

Form involves the physical properties of the product, like shape, size, mass, weight, dimensions, color and other visual parameters, etc.
Fit is the ability of an item to physically interface or interconnect with or become an integral part of another assembly.
Function is the action that an item is designed to perform. This is the reason for the item’s existence.

Target Group
Current or potential members within the engineering eco system

Delegates Pre-requisites 
Have an understanding of engineering principles. 

Aims and Objectives
To prepare the delegate to utilise the concepts of form fit function to analyse engineered systems and make critical decisions on issues and processes. 

Course Content 
Form – Different types of form an engineered component can take. 

  • Criticality of Form

  • Shapes and Manufacturing

  • Shapes and Maintenance Practices

Design considerations 
Fit – the ability of a part to physically interface with, connect to, or become an integral part of another part. 

  • Tolerancing

  • Types of Fit

  • Assessing Best Practices

  • Manufacturing Requirement for types of fit

  • Maintenance Practices for types of fit.

  • Design Considerations

Function – the action or actions that a part is designed to perform.

  • Engineered Systems 

  • Sub-System and design

  • Functional Requirements for components

  • Design Considerations

  • Maintenance requirements

Effects of changes to form fit function

  • Change description

  • Effects

  • Risk

  • Prevention

Course Methodology
The course is based on a mix of classroom based training and practical work shop based exercises. Participants will be taken through a mix of engineered system and will be coached into assessing the requirements of parts and systems.