Turnaround Solutions  

"Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change." - Winston Churchill

It is quite normal for businesses to experience failure.This can be due to multiple factors such as lower than anticipated sales / profits, unexpected expenses, market conditions changing dramatically,  comatose business operations and demotivated employees.

One thing is clear if you find yourself in this situation Are the your competitors are winning all the world around you is changing or it could be both. 

Azexcel provides turnaround strategy and solutions to distressed organisations with an overall objective of returning the company to acceptable levels of profitability liquidity and cash flow. All goal is to reverse the root cause of the problems affecting the business while achieving rapid Improvement in both operational and financial performance. the ensure smooth transition by engaging stakeholders to overcome the resistance to change.

Azexcel focuses on the following key components to managing turnaround situations in companies.

Strategic Leadership - Provide the leadership required for turnaround management so that the whole organisation can mobilize around a single goal.  our embedded expert will provide the energy Focus expertise and leadership required to lead your team towards Implementing the right actions to make you successful.
Stakeholder management - when a company is undergoing a downturn in business or are failing, the stress levels tend to be quite high. This is especially true with the stakeholders. Managing the stakeholders effectively and getting them to buy into your plan is very important and crucial to the success of the solution provided. Engaging them the very earliest stages is very important and it a step that we at Azexcel place great importance on. We communicate with the company's key stakeholders through a variety of means, namely reports, roadmaps, notice board communications, newsletters and high level meetings.


Crisis to growth in six steps

Through our knowledge and experience we have fine tuned the turnaround process into 6 key steps. Having a game plan and being able to operate with a high level of meticulousness is unbelievably vital, especially when the company involved could possibly be in quite a dire situation.  As we have previously mentioned 2 key focus areas throughout the entire turnaround process will be robust leadership and stakeholder management


Situational Assessment 

Before implementing a turnaround strategy, we need to first assess the current situation of the company. If we fail to correctly understand the different factors and players as to why an organisation is in a current state of failure, any implementation would be doomed to fail. We also look at key focus areas.

Data Gathering & Collation 

Azexcel has numerous statistical experts in-house. At this stage we implement them into the business and work with the key focus areas to gather all the relevant data. We believe that the larger the amount of data that we are able to gather the greater the potential for a successful and lasting turnaround.

Strategic Planning 

Once we have identified what the key focus areas are and what the main issues are, we start to formulate a strategy in tackling these issues and setting out the path to recovery. More often than not a company starts to fail due to lack of a clear strategic direction. This step aims to correct that.

Monitoring & Revision 

It is vital to ensure that the recovery is a stable and sustained one. There is almost nothing worse than going through the entire prcess only to discover that it was a brief recovery. Our experts will diligently monitor and revaluate how the company is doing and if there needs to be any alteration to the plans.

Financial Reassessment 

At this stage, Azexcel will work out all the business expenses. We then identify those expenses and costs that are not crucial to the core operating processes of the business. The next step would be to eliminate those expenses and costs. In essence we are buying time to effectively turnaround the business.

Organisational Restructure 

If a company needs to recover, it is imperative that the right people are in the right positions. At this stage we will ensure that the key focus areas are lead by the correct people and that the people that are not suited for the position are either shuffled around or let go. Recovery isn't always pleasant but vital.